We are all racists
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Racism: this kind of peculiar form of fanaticism is one of the most important problems faced by today’s society on a global level. By disregarding the principle of equality, the ideology of racism distinguishes and separates people in a discriminatory manner, depending on color, gender, their origin, or their profession.

Examples of social racism are numerous, which do not appear in narrow local contexts, but they characterize almost all human societies on a global level: towards women, against the Negroes and people of other races, towards the mentally or physically disadvantages.

According to historical returns, events of racism came together in antiquity by separating people into the free ones and the slaves. Racism later dominated as an ideology and characterized whole seasons in the long history of humanity.

Today, racism comes to reinforce the general climate of contradictions and conflicts that dominate relations between people.

Racism has emerged as a scientific theory. The term “biological tribalism” refers to theories that supported racial inequality with biological arguments and associated with the social Darwinism, the transgression of Darwin’s biological theory into the society.

According to him: “In the society the strongest ones are entitled to survive.”

The founder of racial determinism is Gobi in “Essay on the Inequality of the Human Race, 1853-55”. Racism has often been based on various scientific theories. In 1994, the researchers Herrnstein and Marley, in “The Bell Curve, 1994”, had restored the claim that there is a correlation between race and intelligence, that is argued that people belonging to the black race are inferior, because they had inferior performance in some “intelligence- challenges”. But these trials have been criticized, and denied by many other scientists, with the answer that these trials were designed for purely political reasons to suppress a part of the society.

The kinds of racism

There are a huge forms of racism. Scientists have separate the racist forms into categories. There are social racism, like the hostile behavior across the board in some social groups, the national racism, the religious racism, the racism of developed countries, and the discrimination against the sex.

Let’s be honest! We are all racists. Whether in school, either in our company or at work. At some point in our lives, we came on the situation, which we were victims and also offenders of social racism. But why? Why people get so often in touch with racism?

The cause of racism

It is argued that intelligence is not broken down by race but is derived from a combination of genetic and environmental factors, in particular by the light and the economic level of families. Most researches from all over the world prove that the different opportunities and the stimuli, provided to children, when they grow up in environments of different economic situations, and also the different types of assistance they receive during their schooling path, as well as the different expectations of parents for the future, are crucial to their performance.

One of the most important causes that cultivates and nourishes the phenomenon of racism is the low mental and educational level of many people. Spiritual shallowness prevents man from approaching morally and emotionally his fellow human beings through the principles of humanism and strengthens the inequality and dominance of the powerful.

Furthermore, prejudices towards groups of people reinforce the ideology of racism. These prejudices depend on the spiritual level of individuals. Two Canadian scientists, Gordon Hodson and Michael A. Busseri, tested a statistical model of analysis, where reduced cognitive abilities seem to be linked to increased prejudices, and found that the lowest index of intellectual abilities in childhood, suggests more intense racism during the adult life.

There are many times, when the racism due to economic interests. For this reason, a hostile climate is being fought against individuals or groups, in order to achieve their elimination from social and economic life.

People are living in a world full of competitions, something that increases the jealousy, and hate. Scientists said: “The creation of inferiority or superiority is another important cause. Some people, trying to fill their own imperfections and defects and degrade others to raise themselves.”

The consequences

The first and most important consequence is that there are a violence of the human rights, and at the same time it affects the human personality. The marginalization of people and groups, has the result that the society loses a particularly important and often capable potential that could contribute to its growth and prosperity.

Psychologists have found: “In our society there is precariousness, social inequalities and discord. The results? A range of conflicts, violence, drugs, crime and the gap between poor and rich people. It contributes to the exploitation and enslavement of people.”

Racism is directly linked to the lack of respect among people, and more generally to the cultivation of human values. According to a lot of psychologists: “The only reason to fight the racism is to get humanitarian principles through the family environment Thus, from the young age, the individual will learn to respect his fellow man as a being and as a personality.”

Humanist literacy can contribute to closer communication and cooperation between people regardless of color, gender, background, profession. It is necessary to activate the intellectual people, in order to fight for the elimination of racial discrimination. There should also be a fairer social policy that will make no distinction between people, but will equip everyone with equal opportunities in all life fields. Awareness of all states on a global scale on issues of respect for human rights. But above all, people should understand that every human being is different than the others, outside and inside. When you have a racist behavior to someone, you automatically are a racist of yourself!