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This myth was for many years forgotten and was waiting for someone to sing it again. It is the legend of Veinamoinen, the eternal singer. There was a girl, who was made of air, called the daughter of nature and lived in the empty sky. One day, when the girl bored to live in loneliness, she descended to the sea. The wind was blowing wild and the waves of the sea were huge. The girl from the wind and the waves captured a child, called Veinamoinen. She was carrying her child for seven hundred years in her belly.

She longed for the Elder to take her away from her martyrdom and the birth pains. One day, however, a wild goat take its appearance, flying here and there, looking for an ideal place to build her nest. After a while, he finally sat down on the knee from the air girl, who had just been out of the water. The goat made its nest on her knee from the girl, and gave birth to seven eggs: one iron and six gold. The time that the animals were incubating, the girl felt like a fire had been given to her. So, she slammed the eggs out of her apron, and they fell into the sea and broke. From these eggs were born the mother earth and the sky with the sun, the moon, the stars and the clouds.

They spent ten summers, after the girl made the islands and the land. Her child did not want to be born. Another thirtieth summer passed, and Beinamoinen wondered what would be expected in the outside world, beyond their mother’s belly. One day, he called the sun and the moon to give him power to free himself. Then his mother returned to the heavens. Eight years passed, until Beinamoinen reached the earth.

The naked earth gave birth to a boy, Pelervoinen. Veinamoinen asked him to sow the earth with trees and flowers. As the trees grew and became forests, Veinamoinenn took his ax and cleansed it, for planting the first barley. However, he left a birch for the birds to rest. Beinamoinen made his prayer for the Gerontissa, which was under the earth, in order to feed the seeds. The Elder was in the sky to give them water. So the sprats began to grow.

After all this, Veinamoinen expressed his desire to marry and decided to look for the ideal woman for him in the North. Then, an eagle carried him to the other side of the sea. But the wind blew so wild that when he finally arrived, he was exhausted and began to cry for his homeland. Louie, the foolish nobility of the North, listened to his song and said, “What will you give me toVeinamoinen to send you back to your country?”

He offered her gold and silver, but she wanted something specific: “I’ll take you back to your homeland, only if you manage to forge Sambo the abundance mill. You have to make him a swan feather, a cow’s milk, a barley and sheep’s wool, then I’ll give you my beautiful daughter.” Lucy agreed and told him that if he would do it, she would give her daughter. Beinamoinen began to sing and lifted such a wind that he could bring the Ironman to the North, in order to make the magic Sambo. For three days, Ilmarinen was working with his anvil, pounding the iron again and again, until he managed to make Sambo. From the one side, he had a grain mill, while on the other side a salt mill, on the third side he had a mill for the money.

Luci was satisfied with the work of the Iron Man and locked Sambo with a nine lock. With her magic skills, she planted him on the earth. Along with a copper boat, she sent Ilmarinen to his homeland, without her daughter.

Once they realized it, Ilamrinen and Veinamoinen decided to avenge Louie and steal Sambo. Then, they came back to the north bringing with them a young friend of Lemikeinen, this time. Veinamoinen began to play sweet music with his cradle to sleep the old witch, while at the same time Ilmarinen took the nine locks with butter to make it easier to open. The Leminkeinen tried to pull Sambo out of his magic roots, but they did not break. Then, he borrowed a north ox with his plow and cut the roots of Sambo. Immediately, the three friends seized Sambo and boarded the boat to reach their homeland. But as they traveled, Leminkeinen began singing a triumph song, with the result to wake up Louie. She, in turn, called her daughter, the Fog,  to cover the ship. Veinamoinen, together with his sword, cut the foggy cloud and opened the way to the boat.

Lucy called for the huge whale to rise from the depths of the sea, but the song of Beinamoinen sent her back to the bottom. Soon, Luci called the Elder of Heaven to cause a storm. The ship, as it was natural, began to trample in the wilderness of the sea, and then Louie appeared with a ship full of warriors seeking revenge. Beinamoinen flew a jacket into the sea that turned into a hidden reef and carried the ship. The old witch fixed the sickle on her feet, instead of nails and tied the woods to the wreckage. She transformed like a bird, into a mighty eagle.

He sailed to the ship of his three friends and plunged on his mast. Then Beinamoinen cried out to her, “Do you not want to share Sambo with us yet?” And she answered angrily, “Never!” Beinamoinen struck her with a paddle and pulled her off her mast, but she fell into the water, taking Sambo with her. Sambo broke into a thousand pieces, so the mill of grain and the money was completely destroyed. Only one piece remained in Louie: the naked land of the frozen north. Everything else that was left he brought it to the land of Finland, in order to enrich her. However, the salt mill is still at the bottom of the sea and salt the salt until the end of the year.