Motto personality test by Motto Cosmos. Both your preferences and your opinions define those decisions you’ll make in life. In this way, you use some individual elements, which create your unique personality. Have you ever wondered who you are and how do you think? If you wish to find out which personality type you are and which is your mottoanswer the following questions. It won’t take too long, but you will learn something more about yourself.
1.You are with your friends talking about various topics. Are you the one who’s going to talk the most?
2.Your To-Do list is both big and demanding. But you don’t have too much time to spend. Are you going to stress yourself out about that?
3.You work in an office. You and your colleagues have undertaken a new project, individually paid. You make a good progress, but you should deal with an unexpected difficulty. Are you going to ask your colleague’s help?
4.Two relatives of yours are fighting for a reason you know well. You could intervene telling your opinion. Are you going to intervene in the fight for acquitting someone?
5.It’s your first day as a University student. You are a stranger among strangers. You are all in the same classroom, attending a lecture. At the break some of them will go out, some of them will stay in the classroom, sitting next to you. Are you going to take the first step for meeting new people?
6.You deal with life in a realistic way, i.e. You consider yourself as someone who concentrates in reality?
7.Someone is telling you a story. Are you the one who’s going to ask more questions for learning more details?
8.Do you usually believe in something, only if you have both seen it and checked it?
9.Do you like to learn about something in its true sense by exact descriptions?
10.You wish to do something that you know it’s risky. Are you going to it anyway?
11.You are in a phase of your life that you should make a serious decision. This decision determines your destiny. Are you going to satisfy your wishes depending on your personal moral values, despite the fact that logic does not coincide with them?
12.Are you a person that you forgive almost everything and give second chances?
13.In case of disagreements do you try to understand the other side of things?
14.Are you feeling sorry about your fellow man?
15.Do you prefer to help others and to see them happy, despite the fact that your own wishes remain unfulfilled?
16.When you begin do to something, do you want to complete it the sooner?
17.Are you consistent in your appointments and do you usually meet the deadlines given?
18.Do you usually accept everything they “impose” on you, without asking about the essence of things?
19.Are you more attentive in your actions, because you prefer to take sure steps in your life
20.You know that tomorrow you’re going to visit a strange place for a first time. Are you one of those who are going to learn everything necessary about this destination, to avoid getting lost?

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