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The beneficial properties of royal jelly are known for thousands of years. Royal jelly regarded as the ‘elixir of youth,  a substance that involves magical, inconceivable, and mysterious properties. Moreover, the Ambrosia in ancient Greece reported to contain   the essential ingredient of the royal jelly.  Additionally, it has been shown that royal jelly has a beneficial act in a number of diseases. Which are these and what is so special  in regards to the contribution of Royal Jelly?

The Russian scientist and the Japanese desperation

There is a story that touches the limits of myth: a Russian scientist some decades before searched in the vastness of the Soviet Union and found 100 people, all centenarians, who turned out to be beekeepers and almost exclusively fed with royal pulp. The Russian scientist linked directly the longevity of people with the daily consumption of royal jelly.

Nowadays, high impression causes the persistence of Japanese scientists to try and construct a pill containing all the vitamins contained in a spoonful of royal jelly. They, finally,  managed it. They made a pill that consists of 72 vitamins. However, there is higher amount of vitamins contained in royal jelly, thus, their effectiveness cannot be compared with the efficiency the royal jelly produces. Royal jelly can easily be found in many forms. However, although its base is the original royal jelly, it is not possible to  collect all the properties found in it, if someone tries to produce the jelly directly from the hive. A special process is needed.

Scientific studies  on the royal jelly


Royal jelly is the product of young bees, when in the hive there is pollen, water, honey and proper temperature. It has a yellowish color, it also has a sour taste and it is slightly acrid. In addition, is the exclusive food of queen bees. It is stored in special cells made by young worker bees for feeding the larvae royal bee.


Studies published in journals have demonstrated a variety of beneficial properties attributed to royal jelly. Scientists made further inquiries about the royal jelly, focusing on the queen bee, which  in the hive is fed  exclusively with Royal Jelly.   This distinctiveness makes the queen bee more durable and considerably more bulky than the rest bees.


This fact led the scientific community to seek for possible beneficial effects of royal jelly on humans. Countless studies along with those still ongoing, have shown that royal jelly has a number of positive effects on diseases that plague mankind.

The long list of benefits of Royal Jelly

Royal Jelly assists in fighting diabetes, provoking a decrease in blood glucose levels and lipids faster than other treatments. Researchers from Japan found that royal jelly contains valuable organic acids, these have a similar effect with insulin. On this basis, it is considered to be very likely to improve diabetes and hypertension by consuming this product. It has also been shown that Royal Jelly assists in solving sexual dysfunctions since it has been proven that to a large extent can replace the use of viagra.

Furthermore, a study carried out in Romania in a sample of 100 women who suffered from ‘spasmofilia’ showed that treatment with apicultural products, notably with royal jelly, contribute to better regulation of muscle tones. After 30 days of treatment there was an improvement of 15%, the figure jumps to a 60% when the above treatment combined with the classical medication.


Furthermore, scientists have observed beneficial effects on osteoporosis, a disease that occurs mainly in women during menopause.


It was also found that people who suffer from rheumatoid arthritis have lower blood levels of Pantothenic acid, an ingredient contained in royal jelly and in synergy with the classical medication has extremely positive effect on the treatment of the disease.

Royal Jelly acts as a natural regulator, balancing the functions of the body. With the oxygenation of the cells, strengthens the organism to face the external attacks, but also prevents internal abnormalities. The precious jelly causes a sensation of euphoria, increases appetite and helps the body in atherosclerosis, arthritis, hemorrhoids, skin, blood sugar, urinary tract infection, hypotension, constipation, upset stomach,  insomnia, menopause, and depression. While according to scientists is a natural product, completely harmless, without causing side effects and addiction.


Royal Jelly is a natural ingredient that can act only positively in our body. It is a divine gift of nature to man. It is crucial to seek the authentic royal jelly. Give a chance to yourself to rediscover the lost wellness of your childhood!

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