The real story of Count Dracula
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Count Dracula, who has co-authored the nightmares of thousands of people around the world, and has inspired numerous films and books. He was a real person with a turbulent and risky life, and he had a dragon hanging from a cross.

The History Of Count Dracula

draculas prison nowadays

Dracula’s prison nowadays

Count Dracula was a ruler of Wallachia – a region of Romania – and was born in Transylvania in 1431. “Dracula” means the son of the Dragon or other interpretations tell that he is the son of the Devil. On his birth, rumors were circulated that the Virgin Mary was tearing and coming out of blood, indicating that something extremely painful was going to happen.

In 1438, Count Dracula became Prince of the Galatians and in 1446 he became a member of the Dragon Order. Romania, like Wallachia, was under Ottoman domination with the Sultan – this year – demanding huge sums along with 500 young boys for the Ottoman army. Count Dracula’s father refused to obey and called for an alliance against the Sultan. The Ottomans reacted directly. They kidnapped Count Dracula and his brother and kept them jailed for nine whole years. Meanwhile, their father was murdered without being clarified by whom, but rumor holds it was apparently by local nobles with the Sultan’s tolerance.

In 1455, after being subjected to many tortures in Ottoman prisons, he was given a horse and was freed. However, he did not go to Romania, but to Hungary where he asked for help from King Yan to regain his country. He accepted to help him.

The return to Romania

Count Dracula arrives in Romania in 1456, where an absolute chaos prevails. He killed Prince Karl, who held his throne and all the nobles, except his father-in-law, as he believed they were responsible for his father’s murder. In this year, his only son was born.

At the same time, he placed order in the country using extremely harsh methods, thickening, burning alive, boiling or burying his enemies. Soon, the Ottomans understood that they have an important opponent and decided to attack Romania. From 1960-1964, many battles took place with the troops of Sultan Mehmed.

Count Dracula won every battle

It is said that more than 20,000 prisoners of the Ottoman army have been killed. However, in 1464, he lived a personal tragedy when his wife committed suicide, thinking wrongly that her husband was dead. Once again, the nobles turned against him, questioning his authority. Count Dracula asked for help from the Hungarian King Yan for a second time, but he had false information that Count Dracula is seeing his throne undertaken. However, he soon changes his mind and accepts to help him, but advises him to become Catholic to have the Pope’s help and favor. But to do this, he would have to marry his daughter, Ilona Szigali. Count Dracula accepts it, returns to Romania and regains his throne.

However, the Orthodox Church accused him of having entered into a secret agreement with the Pope, blaming him of being an antichrist and excommunicating him.

The clerics, however, did not forget his attitude, and they were constantly seeking the right opportunity to get rid of Count Dracula. In 1477, they made a secret deal with his brother and murdered him. His body was buried in the Sangov Monastery. However, in 1931, when his tomb was opened, there were only animal bones.

Count Dracula is worshiped in Romania as a hero, because it is believed that he had defended his homeland against the Ottomans with bravery and self-denial. For that reason, he got a place in the pantheon with the most important historical figures of the country.

Count Dracula Castle – Bran Castle

Some photos from the famous Castle Of Count Dracula