Poland the leaning forest
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Nature hides always a surprise. Either with its beauty or with its peculiarities. It is not uncommon for the peculiarities of a natural phenomenon to be the source of its beauty. This is what happened in Poland. A forest that no one can confidently appreciate, whether it was a human hand or nature itself. Without hesitation, it seems to impress everyone, who has the opportunity to visit it.

The hollow forest

Crooked Forest

Crooked Forest

The strange forest is located in the Stelsyn, a region in Poland. This forest is about 400 trees, mostly pine trees, which have a strange hollow shape. People who face them are wondering about the cause of this shape. Indeed, the phenomenon is impressive and raises reasonable questions.

Some people claim that the forest was planted in 1930, when the area was still under German occupation. The shape of pine trees creates a right angle of 90 degrees, fifty centimeters from the surface of the ground, compensating visitors a unique picture. There are many stories about the causes that are responsible for this peculiar phenomenon. Some argue that it is the result of human intervention. Perhaps, some strange bonding or an unorthodox technique may have led to this result.

At the same time, some other reports mention that the main cause of the phenomenon would be a heavy winter, with the result that the trees froze and acquired this remarkable shape. There are, of course, thoughts that directly link this phenomenon with the intervention of an alien entity that sought to send a message to humanity.

Stories and interpretations

The stories are endless and the spectacle is a dragon of beauty. The truth and the exact interpretation of the phenomenon haven’t be found yet. However, this lack of the knowledge seems to be a significant attraction for thousands of visitors every year, who want to see strange and beautiful pines.

The tilting forest is an unmistakable image, whether viewed from the perspective of metaphysics or from the view of the admiration of nature’s capacity. It ends up in subduing the power that is able to create the most bizarre, and at the same time, the most admirable phenomenon.

Besides, the unique phenomenon is still a mystery for the scientists. It is also speculated that the trees are planted in such a way, in order to grow up and use as prepared pieces for the construction of boats or furniture.

Another pedestrian version said that during Poland’s invasion during the Second World War, tanks drove probably over the forest when the trees were too small and made them grow up wrong. But if that happened, why did the trees grow up only in this small part of the forest? This theory has several gaps because the phenomenon did not occur across the forest, but in just these 400 trees.

In any case, the phenomenon is impressive, and anyone who has the opportunity to visit it with fog will definitely feel the encounter of unparalleled beauty with the inexhaustible power of nature.