Personality Types in the General Population

Personality types in general population
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Personality Types in the General Population

There are thousands of personalities out there! Calm people, people with strong temperament, bizarre people, mysterious people, open-minded people, extravert and introvert people…  Biological origins, genetic and hereditary factors as well as the environmental impact play a crucial role in the creation of these personalities. What we know for sure is that personality uses a variety of behaviors for expression purposes. These behaviors are mainly expressed through the individual’s emotions, thoughts, views and social interactions in specific situations, events or conditions throughout life course…Right down below you will found the existing personality types in the general population!

Taking the 16 personality types of Briggs-Myers into consideration, there has been an effort to get the classification rate globally.

Therefore, recent human behavior studies have classified and categorized the general population on a percentage basis, drawing certain specific conclusions. Following several research studies, observations and remarks as well as other research methods on personality, the experts have been able to proceed to a type classification of the general population, considering the personality type of each individual. Below are the estimated frequencies of each of the personality types by total population and by gender. The figures are not accurate as personality traits change over time and the percentages may change accordingly. On average, the following facts may apply:

Data source: “MBTI Manual” published by CPP

ISFJ 13.8% 4% 10%
ESFJ 12.3% 7% 17%
ISTJ 11.6% 10.5% 6.5%
ISFP 8.8% 5% 7%
ESTJ 8.7% 16% 10%
ESFP 8.5% 8% 14%
ENFP 8.1% 6% 8%
ISTP 5.4% 8.5% 3.5%
INFP 4.4% 1.5% 2.5%
ESTP 4.3% 12.5% 7.5%
INTP 3.3% 4% 1%
ENTP 3.2% 6% 3%
ENFJ 2.5% 2.5% 5.5%
INTJ 2.1% 2.5% 0.5%
ENTJ 1.8% 5.5% 2.5%
INFJ 1.5% 0.5% 1.5%


Research analysis

According to research findings, the frequency of defender personality type is at 13.8% of the population as frequency of supporter personality type is at 12.3% and frequency of examiner personality type is at 11.6%. Therefore, the personality type that prevails in the general population is the protectors.

Thus, most people are classified under the Protector/Defender Personality Type, being described as unique personalities, being diligent, dutiful, empathetic, individuals with a deep sense of responsibility to others, protective and poised. They seek to help others and respect of others, understanding as well as mutual respect and solidarity are primary principles and values for them.

On the contrary, the frequencies of Chief personality type and Confidant personality type are at 1.8 and 1.5% respectively. According to the research findings, “Chief” and “advocate” personality types reach a low frequency. It is obvious that there is a small number of leaders among us. Chiefs are charismatic, self-confident individuals, with a strong sense of leadership, who are ready to take charge. They love challenges; they are ready to risk in order to achieve their goals. However, being ready to risk is not always good. Anyway, they stand out because they are decisive, goal-oriented individuals who may have a positive impact on people, in the long run.

Detailed list of 16 the personalities with description, career matches, strengths and weaknesses


Description responsible, hard working, practical, punctual, organized, social, logical, traditional, leader, loyal, grounded, confident, gregarious, critical, objective, decisive, concrete, efficient, disciplined, dependable, sacrificial, committed, talkative, direct, assertive social, supportive, empathetic, others-focused, committed, generous, traditional, rule following, responsible, warm, dutiful, nurturing, disciplined, hospitable, caring, friendly, punctual, traditional, organized, relational, celebratory, realistic, loving, practical, sacrificial dependable, hard working, dutiful, private, thorough, decisive, efficient, punctual, traditional, humorous, practical, deliberate, responsible, honest, rule following, loyal, sacrificial, devoted, service-oriented, scrupulous, rigid committed selfless, observant, service-oriented, kind, sensitive, traditional, loyal, concrete, private, quiet, realistic, disciplined, loyal, empathetic, warm, organized, consistent, gentle, considerate, practical, affirming, responsible, deliberate, humorous, trustworthy
Career Matches accountant, senior manager, auditor, military officer, banker, financial officer, government worker, engineer, police officer, business administrator, business analyst, computer specialist, detective, scientist, judge, insurance agent, economist, teacher, editor, technical, specialist, nursing administrator, underwriter, professor, lecturer, manager accountant bookkeeper, child care, church worker, human resources, counselor, family, doctor, homemaker, nurse, teacher, social worker, office manager, administrator, speech pathologist, organization leader, receptionist, administrative assistant accountant, military officer, police officer, administrator, auditor, medical doctor, dentist, financial officer, detective scientist, math teacher, lawyer/attorney, judge manager, computer programmer, computer specialist, librarian executive steelworker, electrician, mechanical engineer systems, analyst, technical specialist, technician administrator, career counselor, child care, police officer, church worker, clerical supervisor, counselor, medical doctor, social worker, actor/actress, counselor, human resources, medical technologist, office manager, shopkeeper, researcher, scientist, senior manager, early childhood development, librarian nurse, auditor, bookkeeper, business analyst, health service, homemaker, writer, military accountant
Strengths dutiful and responsible, loyal and committed, good at following through with tasks, social and enthusiastic, born leader friendly and warm, focused on other people’s needs, excellent mone, mangement skills, service-oriented honors, commitments good at listening, management precise and detailed handles good at listening eager to serve good at handling money, warm and affirming, great organizational skills
Weaknesses not natural at expressing feelings can be blunt and insensitive likes to always be right needs to be in charge dislikes change takes the blame for others interested in how others see them has trouble with conflict can become too rigid, not generous with praise desires to always be right not in tune with feelings can neglect their own needs, dislikes change, takes criticism, personally has trouble with conflict


Description realistic, practical, adaptable, direct, experiential, logical, factual, spontaneous, outgoing, risk, taking, thick-skinned, enthusiastic, assertive, sensation-loving, carefree, objective, sociable, active, persuasive, gregarious, lively, informal, rational problem solver, humorous sociable, cooperative, creative, spontaneous, experiential, excitable, sensation-loving, practical, adventurous, people-oriented, harmonious, action-loving, efficient, accepting, fun-loving, gregarious problem solver down to earth, attention-loving, talkative, lively, sensitive, friendly, warm, carefree adaptable, logical, independent, active, adventurous, problem solver, self-reliant, analytical, technical, practical, unemotional, flexible, impersonal, logical, concrete, realistic, direct, fearless, positive, handy harmonious, creative, adaptable, warm, loyal, gentle, independent, sensitive, friendly, sensation-loving, deliberate, aesthetically, inclined, relaxed, private, cooperative, carefree, helpful
Career Matches carpenter, craftsman, police officer, detective, driver, firefighter, military, farmer, comedian, it support, entrepreneur, marketer, project manager, computer technician, sales agent athlete, artist, actor/actress, coach, fashion designer, entrepreneur, social worker, recreation worker, comedian, interior, decorator, marketer, musician, painter, performer, photographer, public relations, receptionist, supervisor, broadcaster/newscasterpediatrician, singer, nurse, manager, sales agent, teacher, journalist, shopkeeper, dancer athlete, carpenter, construction worker, mechanic, military, motorcyclist, farmer, firefighter, forensic pathologist, pilot, police officer, probation officer, detective, driver, electrical engineer, engineer, steelworker, transportation operative, entrepreneur, human resources, marketer, computer programmer, computer specialist, project manager, sales agent, scientist artist, carpenter, teacher, chef, child care, pediatrician, church worker, clerical supervisor, composer, counselor, social worker, designer, physical therapist, veterinarian, early childhood development, park ranger, librarian, editor, musician, naturalist, nurse, mechanic, writer, personal service worker, x-ray technician
Strengths persuasive and charming, humorous and popular, great at dealing with crisis situations, fun-loving and generous, handles criticism well fun-loving and warm, friendly an likeable, artistic and creative, practical and clever, adaptable good at listening self-reliant, handles conflict well, positive outlook on life, excellent at problem solving laid back and adaptable, good at listening, warm and friendly, takes commitments seriously, creative and artistic
Weaknesses not able to express their own feelings, easily becomes bored, commitments are difficult, can be insensitive with their humor has trouble with long-term commitments, does not take criticism well, materialistic, takes things personally long-term planning can be difficult, uncomfortable in emotional situations, feels trapped easily, needs personal space, can get in trouble when instigating action may appear unmotivated, hard to get to know, dislikes long-term planning, tends to withdraw


Description strategic, assertive, rational, organized, confident, analytical, hard working, outspoken, future-focused, efficient, enthusiastic, curious, directive, gregarious, thick-skinned, leader, competitive, goal-oriented, impersonal, intellectual, ambitious, expressive, responsible, creative, decisive innovative, perceptive, future-focused, curious, logical, imaginative, crafty, theoretical, enthusiastic, objective, introspective, impersonal, inventive, assertive, flexible, carefree, gregarious, intellectual, entrepreneurial, complex, non-conforming, fearless, efficient, exciting, spontaneous analytical, structured, objective, introspective, perfectionist, attentive, controlled, private, responsible, self-confident, thick-skinned, quiet, determined, independent, impersonal, theoretical, intense, strategic, adaptable, complex, conceptual, disciplined, deliberate, abstract, decisive logical, intellectual, easygoing, individualistic, theoretical, flexible, inventive, curious, impersonal, objective, analytical, complex, spontaneous, private, independent, future focused, rule breaking, carefree, creative, perfectionist, unemotional, abstract
Career-Matches business administrator, executive, entrepreneur, manager, politician, computer consultant, lawyer/attorney, judge, scientist, banker, systems analyst, teacher, professor engineer, computer analyst, computer programmer, entrepreneur, inventor, journalist, lawyer/attorney, marketer, politician, psychiatrist, psychologist, consultant, scientist, systems analyst, writer, photographer, sales agent systems analyst, computer programmer, entrepreneur, computer specialist, engineer, corporate strategist, researcher, scientist, medical doctor, lawyer/attorney, professor, psychologist, business administrator, military officer, manager, judge, teacher professor, scientist, archaeologist, architect, mathematician, artist, technical, writer, philosopher, strategic planner, systems analyst, computer animator, computer programmer, computer specialist, economist, engineer, inventor
Strengths direct and frank, excellent with money, takes criticism well, honors commitments, verbally fluent and eloquent driven to self-improvement, excellent communicator, great at generating ideas, charming, popular and enthusiastic, laid back and flexible good at listening, self-confident, highly intelligent, takes criticism well, honors commitments laid back and easygoing, handles criticism well, not demanding, enthusiastic about their interests, imaginative and creative
Weaknesses controlling and intimidating, can appear angry, slow to compliment, impulsive poor follow-up skills, gets bored in relationships, argumentative, risk taker with money dislikes communicating feelings, insensitive can come across as arrogant, unwilling to take blame not good at managing money, can be explosive, not good at communicating feelings, distrusting of others


Description idealistic, sociable, warm, gregarious, introspective, expressive, altruistic complex, people-oriented, caring, charismatic, assertive, positive, supportive, encouraging, organized, abstract, enthusiastic, loyal, leader, empathetic, selfless, affectionate, passionate, nurturing introspective, empathetic, spontaneous, warm, people-oriented, gregarious, expressive, enthusiastic, creative, resourceful, values-oriented, adaptable, passionate, sociable, affirming, positive, future-focused, energizing, wild, idealistic, leader, charismatic, inspiring, sensitive, assertive introspective, caring, focused, empathetic, independent, sensitive, idealistic, private, scheduled, understanding, selfless, abstract, gentle, future-focused, peace-loving, encouraging, complex, committed, purposeful, intuitive, organized, passionate, values-oriented, creative, quiet idealistic, introspective, future-focused, easygoing, independent, artistic, guarded, meaningful, warm, loyal, abstract, imaginative, intuitive, empathetic, private, adaptable, sensitive, peace-loving, internally aware, selfless, gentle, creative, intuitive, values-oriented, caring
Career Matches teacher, professor, social worker, career counselor, counselor, therapist, psychologist, psychiatrist, church worker, trainer, human resources, librarian writer, nurse, diplomat, consultant, artist, editor, administrator, actor/actress, events coordinator, facilitator, homemaker, musician, designer, engineer journalist, social worker, conference planner, diplomat, writer, nurse, public relations, politician, housing director, editor, broadcaster, professor, musician, lawyer/attorney, church worker, counselor, therapist, psychologist, art director, project manager, artist, painter, actor/actress, merchandise planner, career counselor, speech pathologist counselor, clergy, therapist, writer, missionary, psychiatrist, psychologist, social worker, educational consultant, child care, child development, church worker, teacher, musician, photographer, professor, librarian artist, chiropractor, actor/actress, medical doctor, alternative medicine, consultant designer, human resources, marketer, trainer activist, church worker, missionary, educational consultant, social worker, physical therapist, fashion designer, counselor, teacher, musician, therapist, actor/actress, artist, journalist, professor, minister, filmmaker, librarian editor, graphic designer, writer, psychologist, translator/interpreter, social scientist, web designer, photographer, human resources
Strengths can read others motives and feelings, excellent communication skills, driven to meet others needs, affectionate, loyal and affirming, honors commitments fun, dramatic and optimistic, affirming and affectionate, can read others motives and feelings, excellent communication skills, driven to meet others needs good at listening, excellent verbal and written communication skills, warm, affirming and encouraging, honors commitments, insightful loyal and devoted, deep capacity to care and love, warm and playful, excellent at reading feelings and motives of others, desires to meet the needs of others
Weaknesses can harbor hurt feelings, tendency to manipulate, tendency to smother, blames self when things go wrong has trouble with conflict and confrontation, can be manipulative and controlling, holds on to bad relationships, gets bored easily has trouble with conflict, difficulty receiving criticism, withdrawn, holds back tends to react emotionally, extreme dislike of criticism, tendency to blame themselves, has trouble in conflict situations

Who are we really? Are we really who we think we are? Why are we what we are? Can we change who we are? So, learn yourself better and use this knowledge in order to have a better and more positive and advantageous life. This information is the key to understanding behaviors and, eventually, to the importance of personality formation and development.

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