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analyst, adventurous, argumentative, administrative, advocate, artistic, adaptive, affectionate, alert, adventurous, altruistic, accepting, accountable, affable, agreeable, ambitious, analytical, appropriate, articulate, aspiring, assertive, attentive, attractive, able, absent-minded, awkward, arrogant, argumentative, appreciative, apologetic, anxious, annoyed, animated, angry, amiable, aggressive, afraid, affectionate, affected, adventurous, active


blunt, busy, balanced, brave, bright, brilliant, bubbly, bad, bashful, blowhard, boastful, boorish, bored, brave, bossy, brutish


choleric, creative, calm, cautious, competitive, charismatic, communicative, compassionate, careful, creative, considerate, captivating, careful, caring, charming, cheerful, clever, commanding, committed, competitive, concise, confident, conscious, considerate, cooperative, coordinated, courageous, courteous, curious, cultured, cruel, critical, courageous, contented, consistent


diplomat, decisive, dependable, decisive, diligent, detailed, dedicated, determined, devoted, direct, disciplined, driven, dynamic, dutiful, dreamy, doubtful, domineering, distressed, dissatisfied, disrespectful, disorganized, disloyal, discreet, discouraged, discontented, disagreeable, disaffected, depressed, dangerous


extravagant, egoistic, explorer, efficient, emotional, empathetic, ethical, eager, educated, egalitarian, elegant, eloquent, encouraging, energetic, engaged, enterprising, enthusiastic, entrepreneurial, evenhanded, expressive. exuberant, excited, excessive, exacting, ethical, equable, encouraging, embarrassed, efficient


fanatic, feisty, flexible, fair, feminine, fighter, faithful, fluent, focused, forgiving, friendly, fun, funny, fussy, furious, frustrated, frightened, fresh, forgiving, forgetful, foolish, flexible, ferocious,  fearless, fearful, fanciful,  faithless, facetious, fare


gentle, generous, genius, giving, glowing, good, graceful, grateful, gregarious, gullible, guilty, grumpy, gregarious, greedy, grouchy, gloomy, glamorous, gentle, garrulous


humanitarian, hard-working, humorous, healthy, handsome, happy, hardy, hearty, helpful, honest, humble, hot-tempered, hopeless, hesitant, haughty, hateful, harsh, harried


introvert, insightful, inspiring, irritable, influential, inquisitive, imaginative, independent, immaculate, industrious, informed, innovative, intelligent, interested, intuitive, involved, intrepid, insincere, insecure, innocent, inimitable, inefficient, industrious, indolent, indiscriminate, indecisive, inconsistent, inconsiderate, inactive, impulsive, impudent, impolite, impatient, impartial, immobile, immature, immaculate, imaginative


jolly, Jovial, joyful, judicious, jealous


kind-Hearted, keen, knowledgeable, kindly, kind


liar, logical, loyal, likable, lovely, loving, lucky, lovable, loud, loquacious, lively, limited, light, licentious, liar, lean, left-brain, leader, lazy, languid


melancholic, mature, modest, magnificent, mannered, methodical, mindful, moderate, motivated, mystical. mysterious, moody, miserable, meticulous, mischievous, messy, merciful, meek, mean, mannerly, malicious


negative, nurturing, natty, neat, neutral, nice, noble, noisy, nice, nervous, negligent, neat, naughty, naïve


outgoing, opinionated, observant, open-minded, obedient, objective, open, optimistic, orderly, organized, original, outspoken, obliging, obese, obedient


positive, phlegmatic, passionate, perfectionist, patient, profiteer, pleasant, polite, practical, protective, punctual, poised, perceptive, poised, precise, productive, professional, proper, purposeful, punctual, prudent, proud, proper, primitive, pretty, precise, popular, poor, polite, pleasing, playful, plain, pitiful, picky, pessimistic, perverse, persuasive, persistent, perseverant, peaceful, patriotic


qualified, questioning, quick, quiet, quick-tempered, quarrelsome


rebellious, rigorous, responsible, reactive, rational, reserved, resourceful, romantic, realistic, receptive, relaxed, reliable, respected, ruthless, rude, rowdy, risk-taking, rough, rich, rigid, restless, respectful, repulsive, repugnant, religious, reliable, relaxed, reckless, rawboned, reasonable, rational


sanguine, self- confidence, sensitive, suave, self-aware, sincere, sensible, stubborn, spontaneous, skeptical, secure, selfless, simple, skilled, sociable, spiritual, steady, striving, strong, sweet, suspicious, supportive,  superstitious, successful, submissive, studious, stubborn, strong, strict, strange, stingy, stern, sterile, spendthrift, spoiled, soft-hearted, sneaky, smart, sly, skillful, simple-minded, silly, shy, shrewd, short, shiftless, serious, sentimental, selfish, self-confident, self-controlling, self-centered, secure, secretive, scruffy, scrawny, scheming


truthful, talented, tenacious, thorough, tolerant, trusting, trustworthy, trusting, tough, tireless, tired, timid, thrilled, thrifty, thoughtless, thoughtful, thankful, temperate, tardy, talkative, tactless, tactful


understanding, unbiased, unique, unpretentious, unselfish, unstoppable, uprising, useful, upset, unsuitable, unselfish, unmerciful, unkind, unhappy, ungrateful, unfriendly, unforgiving, undependable, uncoordinated, unconcerned, ugly


virtuous, vindictive, vigorous, versatile, visionary, violent, vacant


watchful, worrisome, warm, wise, wonderful, wrong, worried, withdraw, witty, wild, wicked, weak


xenodochial, xenophilic


youthful, young


zaftig, zappy, zazzy, zealous, zesty, zippy, zany


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