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Most spaceships launched in space by the USA had a Greek name. Whenever NASA ventured to send spacecraft without a Greek name, the operation ended in disaster. Why does this happen? Who or what does not permit spaceships with non-Greek names to leave the Earth’s atmosphere?

NASA studies ancient Greek

Although NASA does not nourish fondness in regards to the ancient Greek culture, has set up an educational program in order to be taught the ancient Greek language. Why, surprisingly, Nasa’s spacecraft have Greek names? What urges NASA to associate its space program with the Ancient Greece culture?

In addition, some rumours reported that the American space agency conducted secret agreements with extraterrestrial civilizations. Furthermore, that these civilizations permit NASA to conduct missions for scientific purposes with the precondition spacecraft to have Greek names.

NASA and ‘Mythodia’

On 28 June 2001, Vangelis Papathanasiou, a famous Greek musician, gave in Athens a unique musical show entitled ‘Mythodia’ sponsored by NASA. Simultaneously, a NASA’s spacecraft entered the orbit of Mars.

Rumors said that it was actually a concert-message to Mars and especially to Jupiter. The entire concert was an ode to Jupiter invited him to return to Earth. Meanwhile, the concert presented the whole history of Hellenism and ancient Greece.The most strange thing of all is these peculiar calculations Papathanasiou extracted in regards to his masterpiece ‘Mythodia’:

”When the perimeter of a rectangle is equal to 1620 then this is equal to the name ” Evangelos Papathanassiou ”, likewise, when the perimeter of a circle is equal to 1272 this is equal to the word ”mythodia” and, finally, when the diameter of the circle is equal to 405 this means the ” Holy City ” or ” Virgin”

Watch a video from the concert :


Nikita Khrushchev: The Greek customs of space

In a Conference in UN in 1960, in the midst of the cold war,  the Soviet leader Nikita Khrushchev had an intense argument with President Eisenhower. In particular, Eisenhower blamed the Soviets to shot down an American spyware aircraft, surprisingly Khrushchev gave his answer: ‘The Greek offices of space patrol around the Earth, until the time of the Apocalypse’.

This is a paraphrase of the famous ‘Works and Days’ of Greek historian Hesiod, where is written: ‘The Immortal guards are emissaries from Jupiter, and coming from the first race, the so-called Gold Genus’.

Khrushchev’s words were not random. He actually paraphrased the verse of Hesiod, but don’t change the meaning. Surely, the interlocutors of Khrushchev, understand what he was talking about.

Furthermore, it is also known that in the Decade of 60, Khrushchev met several times with Kennedy in submarines in order to keep secret the content of their talks. What did they actually feared?

 The destruction of Columbia and its relationship with Crete

Saturday, February 21, 2003, Columbia spacecraft destroyed while entered the atmosphere of Earth. The members of the crew were six American astronauts and an Israeli.

Which were the causes of disaster? The minor importance of technical failures reported retrospectively by the NASA does not justify the spacecraft damage. Alongside, testimonials accompanied by photographs seized from the NASA depicted a white ball that came with the spacecraft while returning to Earth.

At the same time,  the 16 days the spaceship’s return trip to Earth lasted,  in the Greek island named Crete, there were Israeli container trucks which brought high-tech systems like parabolic antennas directed constantly to the point track of Columbia. This weird fact recorded in the local newspapers.

In addition,  the same day of the destruction of the  Columbia, 17 Israeli aircraft squadron was flying over Crete, in particular near to village named ‘Tsoutsoura’, a place considered as an extremely important archaeological locus.

Is this a random fact? Is there some connection between the destruction of the spacecraft, the existence of the Israeli crew, with Israeli aircraft flying over the archaeological site of Crete. Especially, when the archaeological site considered to be an extremely energy point the answer gets intricate.

However, the fact is that NASA shows a special appeal to the ancient Greek civilization.

NASA it is by far certain that is not going to resend a spaceship into a mission without having a Greek name. Allegedly, it seems that only the invocation of the ancient Greek civilization opens the gates of the universe.