S. Weir Mitchell said friendship

S. Weir Mitchell said (Mottos 01)

He who is not able to make new friends is unaware of ...
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Ralph Waldo Emerson said Mottos

Ralph Waldo Emerson said (Mottos 10)

The blessing of old friends is that with them you can still ...
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Cicero said Mottos

Cicero said (Mottos 03)

Fortune games test the trust between friends. (Cicero said) CATEGORY:  FRIENDSHIP   MOTTOS ...
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Johann Wolfgang von Goethe said Mottos

Johann von Goethe said (Mottos 06)

It is better to be deceived by your friends than for them ...
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George Washington said Mottos

George Washington said (Mottos 03)

Be kind to everyone but friends with a few. And test those ...
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William Shakespeare said Mottos

William Shakespeare said (Mottos 02)

The friends you have, and your relationship was tested, tie them in ...
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Albert Camus said Mottos

Albert Camus said (Mottos 06)

Do not believe your friends when they ask you to be honest ...
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Mark Twain said Mottos

Mark Twain said (Mottos 32)

A proper friend’s behavior is to stand by your side when you ...
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Norman Douglas said Mottos

Norman Douglas said (Mottos 01)

To find a friend , one must close one eye. To keep ...
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Jennie Jerome Churchill said Mottos

Jennie Jerome Churchill said (Mottos 01)

Treat your friends as you would treat your portrait and highlight their ...
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Oliver Wendell Holmes said Mottos

Oliver Wendell Holmes said (Mottos 03)

Without wearing any mask we are conscious of, we have a special ...
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Ralph Waldo Emerson said Mottos

Ralph Waldo Emerson said (Mottos 09)

Visit your friend's house rather often, because otherwise the weeds will block ...
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