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Russians have their own “Area 51”, known as well as “Russian Roswell”.

Kapustin Yar’s installation in Russia is about 500 meters below Earth’s surface.

UFO Files claimed that it was to present never-before-seen footage of the base, reconnaissance photos and even a virtual tour of its hidden depths.

At the end of the Second World War, a large number of captured Nazi scientists were transported back to Russia and enticed to work on developing rockets similar to the V2 for the Soviet Union. When these scientists eventually returned to Germany, it was soon realized that they were one of the few sources of up to date intelligence on Soviet scientific activity and they were quickly debriefed by American and British intelligence officials. It was during these debriefs, in early 1953, that Western intelligence began to get reports of a new Soviet missile testing site at Kapustin Yar, a remote site near the Volga River to the North of the Caspian Sea and East of Volgograd, still known then as Stalingrad. The returning German scientists reported that the Kapustin Yar site was one of the most important military missile testing grounds in the USSR.

Ufo Crash In Kapustin Yar



Apart from what has been recorded by testimonies, this particular base is linked to the most impressive mystery. A cigar-shaped UFO had reportedly crashed in the vicinity of Kapustin Yar after it got detected by Soviet radar and was eventually pulled down by the MIG fighter jets. The pilot’s report of being blinded by UFO rays has resulted in an order to cooperate with him. After a three-minute air strike, an aircraft missile was able to hit and throw the unknown object. William J. Birnes, a publisher of the American UFO Magazine, believes the alien craft fired a particle beam weapon in the Soviet fighter, but a lucky strike of the pilot with the rocket disturbed the UFO’s antigravity field, causing it to drop off the sky. The incidence had happened in 1948, one year after the much famed Roswell Crash in America. It is claimed that the Soviet pilots entered the crashed alien craft and found the bodies of three aliens. While two of them were killed in the crash, the third one was on the verge of dying. In spite of making several attempts to save the life of the third alien creature, it expired. The aliens were reported to be about 4 feet tall with reptile-like skin that was bluish green in color. Their appearance was characterized by long fingers, dark eyes, and hairless large heads.

In his book Unsolved UFO Mysteries, William J Birnes writes:

“What secrets do the Russian flying saucer files contain? Are they mirror images of UO encounters reported in the West, or do they reflect a different type of UFO experience? For military analysts, the KGB files may contain treasure troves of information about how the Russian military reacts to intrusions of its airspace and what tactics Russian aircraft and naval vessels follow to intercept a perceived threat. Among the cases in the story of the “Russian Roswell”, int the 1991 pursuit of a cylindrical UFO by Russian fighters and the object’s crash landing at the edge of the Tien Shan mountain range in central Asia. The pursuit, the crash and the near decade’s worth of attempts to reach the site and retrieve the debris are one of the most exciting stories to come out of the annals of Russian UFO experiences. The story of the mysterious object over the Caspian Sea was told by ufologists Nikolay Subbotin and Emil Bachurin of RUFORS, The Russian UFO Research Station, who reported the story in UFO MAGAZINE in collaboration with American UFO researcher Bill Hamilton. Emil Bachurin was more than one of the story’s reporters, however. He was a member of an expedition to the remote and desolate crash site. He claims to have seen the actual craft and photographed it, as well as sketched hand diagrams of the object. Nikolay Subbotin headed an expedition in 1998 to visit the crash site. But by the time they had reached the area, the UFO was gone, and it seemed to Subbotin as though the site had been scrubbed clean of any remains of the downed craft”.