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Ireland is the country with a wild beauty and amazing landscapes. A country where the mountain ridge meets the vast horizon. In this amazing place people discovered a well-hidden treasure. It is the “gate of God”, a monument that arouses awe and dates back to about 2,500-3,500 BC. The energy of the monument is unique, and the stories, that are associated with its existence, are breathtaking.

The discovery of Professor Conor Newman



Conor Newman, professor of archaeology at the National University of Ireland in Galway. The professor announced that at Tara Hill, where he had been working since 1992, he discovered an underground structure, an oval-shaped basement with a width of about 170 meters in its widest point.

At the base of the temple, together with other findings, a “Crown” was discovered, which is the classic coherent element of the Irish Mythology. Professor Newman’s discovery has aroused the imagination and has sparked the prospects of everyday researchers. According to an old story that still preserves its appeal, the Lost Ark of the Old Testament is hidden on Tara Hill. On the hill on which the beautiful temple was discovered.

The blue stone, the Sun and the Lost Ark

The blue stone, is the constituent element of the Irish mythology that is common in every story and every legend that accompanies the Irish, over the centuries. Indicative of the strength of this story, is that at the beginning of the 20th century a group of researchers from Israel went to Tara Hill to search for the Lost Ark. They dug a lot, but the only thing they discovered were some Roman coins.

Furthermore, the blue stones that are constantly found in Irish mythology are related to the blue stones of Moses. The blue stones of Moses symbolize the hidden secrets of the universe. These are crystals of sapphire, baring the belief that they contain cosmic secrets inside them, as well as answers to the primitive secrets of humanity.

According to researcher Graham Hancock, these stones are meteorites hidden in Mount Sinai, and are considered by himself to be the key to deciphering the Holy Grail.

The gate of God



If the discovery on Tara Hill in Ireland is connected, as a lot of researchers believe, to the claim that this is the hill, where the Ark of the Old Testament is located, then it is implicitly assumed that if the Ark stayed there, it will hide the blue stones that contain the secrets of the universe.

The location in which the lost temple was found, is truly a divine location. It would be the perfect spot for discovering the Lost Ark. It would be the ideal point for the transition from a cosmic to a divine dimension. Irish mythology meets with the Israeli tradition, and the secret of life meets the process of death. The energy of the place in connection with the remarkable archaeological discoveries creates unbridled expectations, for those who insist on looking beyond the obvious, beyond the horizon that the human eye allows to face.