The King Arthur
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King Arthur and the Knights of the Round Table, having sought Graal, by touching the heart of the mysterious world, they returned to everyday life. So, they continued to do good deeds and perform justice, as well as to participate in stunts and festivals. But their life seemed to have lost their real meaning. At the same time, controversies broke out in the Court and a group questioned the high targets set by the Round Table. The leader of this group was the son of King Arthur Mordred. Also, everyone knew that there was an erotic relationship between Lancelot and Queen Guinevere. It was certain that the Brotherhood of the Round Table had lost its glory and unity.

The Queen was condemned by the king to burn, because he loved Lancelot. However, Lancelot, in order to save her, killed Gareth and Gears, two knights of the most noble and brave ones. King Arthur and Gavin, who was the brother of Gareth and Gears, declared the war against Lancelot to avenge the murders. Consequently, the Knights of the Round Table had to take their places. A civil war began. After struggling with each other, the strange Mordred seduced the throne of England, proclaiming himself as a king.

Arthur’s Army faced Mordred’s army in the Kamlan region. Although the two sides had agreed peace, a knight saw a stick in the soil and killed it with his sword. The rays of the sun on the blade of the sword made the two armies suspect betrayal, and so they began a battle. A great bloody and fratricidal war broke out. At the end of the battle, King Arthur looked around him and realized that only two of his knights were alive, Sir Lucar and Sir Benediger. They were severely wounded. Then Arthur said disappointed: “I know this awkward day will be my end.” At that moment, he saw Sir Mordred being tortured over his snout beside a bunch of dead. Then, he told Sir Lukan to give him his spear: “I will kill the traitor who brought us to this point.” Sir Lukan told him he should leave him as he was in his last.

Nevertheless, Arthur took his spear and ran towards to Mordred giving him a deadly blow. At the same time, Mordred managed to hook on the spear and hit his father with the sword. Mordred fell dead, while Arthur had lost consciousness. Sir Luke along with Sir Bendiger took the injured king away from the battlefield and near the shore of the lake. At that point, there was the Lady of the Lake, who had offered the young Arthur the magical sword of the famous Excalibur. Sir Lukan did not endure so much effort and eventually left his last breath there.

The King ordered Bendiger to let his sword to the lake and then he should inform him what he saw. Indeed, Bendiger took the sword, but refused to drop it on the lake, while he thought it would be foolish to let such a precious object, as the Excalibur. Then Arthur asked him what he saw, and he said, “My king, there was nothing, but waves and winds.” “Go right back to the lake!” The king commanded him. Immediately, Bendiger took the sword and threw it as far as he could. Then he saw with surprise a hand emerging from the lake and grabbing the sword, then sinking it three times.

Bendiger conveyed to the King, what he had seen. Arthur then whispered, “It’s really my end, bring me to the shore of the lake.” Bendiger lifted Arthur on his back and carried him to the lake. Suddenly, from nowhere a riverboat appeared with three ladies, one was the king’s half-sister, the witch Queen Morgana le Fé, who asked Arthur: “My dear brother, why did you so late?” And helped him board the ship.

Sir Bendiger called out desperately to the king: “What will I do, my lord?”

King Arthur replied: “Bendiger, take care of yourself, because there is no trust in this world, I am now going to Avalon, where I will heal myself from my wounds. If any time you will hear something about me again, please pray for my soul.” Suddenly, the riverboat began to glide over the last waters, until it was lost in the gray mist.

It is said that Arthur did not eventually save himself from his deadly wounds. But some others say that he lives on the magical island of Avalon and one day he will return back to England, when the country will really needs it. Indeed, in his monument, which was raised by Sir Bandier, the phrase “Here is Arthur, the King of the Time and the Future”, is mentioned.