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Ayrton Senna was born on March 21st, 1960 and lost his life on  May 1st, 1994 in a tragic accident. He was a Brazilian formula one driver, who won three times the world championship. Until today he is considered to be the most talented driver of all time. Ηis first kart racing acquired at the age of 10 years. After three years participated with this first kart in local kart racing for the first time.

Ayrton Senna Career 

In 1981, he left Brazil for Europe and in particular he traveled to England. There he took part in the ‘Formula Ford 1600 Championship’, which he actually won.

In 1982 he won the ‘ British and European Formula Ford 2000’. The next year he made another step further: he switched to Formula 3 with the team ‘West Surrey Racing’. Senna eventually won 9 races and the ultimate was in Macau, where finally won the desirable title. Then he made the big step and begun racing in Formula 1. The Brazilian pilot drove cars if huge and famous Companies, such as  ‘Toleman’,  ‘Lotus’,  ‘Mc Laren’ and ‘Williams Renault’, which in those days considered to be the ultimate automobile.

He gave his first important race against Allen Prost and he managed to rank second. Then he said ‘If I had even one round I would win’. This declaration led him to Honda-McLaren. In McLaren was on the same team with Allen Prost. Soon he became the exceptional driver of the team a fact that created lethal hatred among him and Prost. It is said that they only exchange glances once and they hardly spoke each other.

Nevertheless, there is an exceptional incident:  In particular, during a race, Senna was in the first place when a mechanical damage forced him to immobilize his automobile in the centre of the track. In the second place was Alen Prost. Senna made reverse-something that is not possible technically-and let him pass first.

It’s been 22 years from the day that Ayrton Senna lost his life in a tragic accident at the ‘San Marino Grand Prix’. The spirit of the ‘ legacy ‘, he left behind, has been turned into a ‘legend’.

” I only force for victory, the 2d and the 3rd position have no value,” he used to say.

“If I ever have an accident, I don’t want to spend even a second in a wheelchair. I don’t want to end up in a clinic.”

He has in a way predicted his fate. In this tragic race,  he started from the first position for the third consecutive time that year. When, during the seventh round, at the Tamburello corner, under unclear reasons (?), he lost the control of his car and crashed into the wall.  Some hours later, Senna passed away. After his death, his team, (Williams), accused of the unjustified breaking wheel of the formula. After several court battles that lasted many years, the Williams race team. Eventually. became acquitted.

According to some conspiracy theories spread after his tragic death, supports that there where omissions in the automobile or into the truck, although, nothing was proved. These theories based on the conflict that had arisen between Senna and his team as result of the Senna’s constant suggestions regarding technical flaws in his car. The organization of Formula One races, after the tragic death of Ayrton Senna, had been forced to revise the protection regulations regarding the automobiles and the tracks.

nowadays Ayrton Senna considered to be the best driver ever in F1. It has to be said that with the financial assistance of the Senna even after his loss, more than 120.000 children in Brazil have managed to go to school.


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